Fourier Audio

Bringing the software revolution to live audio


transform.engine brings dante-connected studio-grade audio software plugins to live productions and broadcasts around the world in a robust 2U rackmount server.

  • cpu Intel Alder Lake i9-12900
  • audio i/o connection etherCON dual-redundant dante
  • additional control i/o midi in / out / thru
  • compatible plugins windows 10 compatible vst3 plugins that can be installed and licensed offline
  • power dual-redundant iec
  • audio i/o 64 channel up to 96 kHz
  • control connection etherCON gigabit network
  • dsp latency down to 0.67 ms
  • remote client macOS (11 onwards – m1/intel) windows (10 onwards)
  • rack height 2u
  • DiGiCo compatible

transform.engine bringing studio-grade, Dante-connected VST3 plugins to live engineers

Housed in a 2U touring-grade chassis with dual redundant power supplies, the new transform.engine is a Dante-connected server designed to run all VST3-native software plugins in a live environment, bringing premium studio software to live sound and broadcast applications. Fully compatible with any VST3 plugin that can run on Windows, the new device gives engineers and creatives access to the very best studio-grade processing on a robust platform that is specifically designed for the rigors and complexities of live productions.

Designed as a turnkey solution for plugin hosting, the transform.engine is easily controlled by a remote Windows or macOS client application, reducing the need for complex setups. Users can simply connect to the engine via a standard Ethernet cable, install their plugins, and get directly to processing.

For paramount reliability, Fourier Audio’s patent-pending audio software engine provides a rock-solid sandbox with plugins ring-fenced from each other. Should a plugin crash, the rest of the system will not only be unaffected, but the transform.engine will immediately restart that plugin, quickly restoring the original integrity of the mix.

Designed to be integrated directly into live audio workflows, transform.engine will soon put control of plugins directly under the fingers of engineers on their own worksurfaces, starting with DiGiCo consoles. However, similar to products from sibling brand KLANG:technologies, the new Fourier Audio device is fully capable of operating in conjunction with virtually any professional digital console on the market via Dante, using the Windows/macOS application to control the engine.

transform.enging : 제품 사양

  • Minimum network latency 1ms
  • 64 bidirectional channels
  • Inlet dual redundant iec, switched an
  • d filtered EN 62368-1
  • 2x etherCON gigabit ethernet
  • 5-pin din opto-isolated in / out / thru
  • 4 x USB 2.0 in rear USB bay
  • 2 x USB 3.0 front-panel USB
  • Monochrome oled front panel display
  • 400 GiB NVMe dsp storage
  • encoder with status indicator input

엔지니어들에게 인정받은 음질과, 엔지니어들에게 선택되어진 UI, 엔지니어들을 위한 수많은 편의기능 등, 최고의 엔지니어들이 선택한 믹싱툴 DiGiCo,
DiGiCo가 구현하는 기술은 현재 음향시장의 기술력을 대변하고 있음과 동시에 미래의 음향시장의 개척점에 의심없이 위치할 것이라는 것을, 
그간 DiGiCo가 걸어온 역사에서 기록되어지고 있으며, 입증되고 있습니다. 
DiGiCo는 최고의 퍼포먼스를 요하는 모든 상황에서, 최고의 엔지니어들과 함께, 최고의 사운드를 품고 있습니다.
디지털콘솔의 범주를 넘어선 최고의 사운드기어 DiGiCo를 여러분께 추천합니다.