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Thunder-KMT12 I

A smart 12" subwoofer with the power of a 2-channel, 1000 W @ 8Ω Class D amplifier, the Thunder-KMT12 I allows many different configurations in combination with passive K-array loudspeakers like mid-high speakers, entire column line arrays or other passive sub to reinforce the mid-low frequencies.

Although it is the smallest of the line, the Thunder-KMT12 I has the same computing power as the other Thunder subwoofers for reproducing sound, rending it ideal for applications that require a small visual footprint with a large sound.



Type : Active subwoofer   

Transducers : 12" neodymium magnet driver  

Frequency Response (1) : 35 Hz – 150 Hz (-6 dB)    

Maximum SPL (2) : 131 dB peak

  • Coverage : Omni    
  • Connectors : INPUT: 2x XLR (bal) line input, 1x XLR AES3 input
  • .                    OUTPUT: 1x speakOn loudspeaker output + 2x XLR (bal) parallel line output, 1x XLR AES3 output
  • .                   SERIAL: 1x XLR RS485 serial input, 1x XLR RS485 serial output, 1x USB-B inlet


Amp Module  : 2 ch. switch-mode, class D     

Output Power  : 2 x 1000 W @ 8 Ω         

  • Power consumption : 300 W, 1/8 Rated Power (Pink Noise)


Dimensions (W x H x D) : 326 x 343 x 433 mm (12.8 x 13.5 x 17 in)   (3) 

Weight : 15,6 kg (34.4 lb)          

Material : Wood  

  • Color : Black, White, Custom RAL



IP Rating : IP40(4)

Notes for data:

(1) With dedicated preset

(2) Maximum SPL is calculated using a signal with crest factor 4 (12dB) measured at 8 m then scaled at 1 m

(3) Included 17 mm (0.7 in) removable rubber feet
(4) IP43 with K-AMPCOVER.