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HOPS12i : Point Source.

High Output 3-way Full Range Point Source for Installations

2x12", 3-way high output system for installation applications

Main Features
  • High output 3-way full range point source for installation applications
  • Variable dispersion patterns: 90° x 60° rotatable or 60°x 40° rotatable
  • Max. peak SPL 144 dB
  • High power handling of 2000 W (AES)
  • Frequency range: 44 Hz – 22 kHz (-6 dB)
  • Unique 1.4″ mid/high coaxial ring diaphragm neodymium driver
  • Dual 12″ neodymium ultra low distortion woofer
  • Dynamic Airlow Cooling (DAC) technology
  • Superior sound quality with linear phase response
  • Multiplex enclosure with Polyurea coating for extreme durability and water protection
  • System integration with LINUS Loudspeaker Management Amplifiers
  • Broad range of mounting accessories


Type:  High Output 3-way Full Range Point Source for Installations
Application:Installation 3-way high output, full range point source
Frequency response:44 Hz – 22 kHz (-6 dB)
Power handling Low AES / peak:2000 W / 8000 W
Max. peak SPL (with LINUS14):*HOPS12i-64: 144 dB (A)
HOPS12i-96: 142 dB (A)
Amplification, Cabinets per Amplifier
LINUS10-C Optimum / Maximum:8/12
LINUS14D Optimum / Maximum:8/12
LINUS10 Optimum / Maximum:4/8
Dispersion Horizontal:HOPS12i-64: 60° (rotatable)
HOPS12i-96: 90° (rotatable)
Dispersion Vertical:HOPS12i-64: 40° (rotatable)
HOPS12i-96: 60° (rotatable)
Components Low frequency:2x 12″ neodymium, water resistant cones, 4″ (101 mm) VC, 1000 W (AES) each
Components Mid/High frequency:1.4″ neodymium coaxial driver, 3.5″ (90 mm) + 1.75″ (44.4 mm) VC, 150 W + 80 W (AES)
Crossover point:3-way passive 440 Hz / 6300 Hz
Input connectors:2x Neutrik™ NL4MP
Nominal impedance LF / MF+HF:8 Ω (1+/1-)
Enclosure material:Hybrid birch plywood and Aluminium.
Finish:Polyurea black coating (water resistant)
Suspension:12 x M8 treaded points
IP rating (IEC 60529):Standard: IP55 (Direct Cable)
Standard: IP54 (Speakon NL4MLP)
Weather proof options:MG1 (Marine Grade 1): IP55
Dimensions (WxHxD):368 x 790 x 420 mm / 14.5 x 31.1 x 16.5″
Net weight:34 kg / 74.96 lbs

* Measured with pink noice 12 dB crest factor, ISO226-2003. ** In low SPL applications up to 4x HOPS12 per channel can be connected.