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Comprised of four products, the N-RAY Series takes its name from the word nano, presenting itself as a range of flexible, lightweight and small systems with the efficiency and power to rival much larger and heavier loudspeaker systems.

Targeted towards a variety of small-to-medium size applications, the series boasts the inclusion of unique DAC (Dynamic Airflow Cooling) technology for effective cooling, and optimised CODA Audio – manufactured DDP / RDC drivers – ensuring fidelity, frequency range, and versatility.

Using these revolutionary technologies, the N-RAY Series drastically improves its sonic qualities by drastically reducing intermodulation distortion, resulting in increased efficiency in the drivers themselves, which in turn increases the efficiency of the system, all the while reducing the size and weight of a system – and crucially, system ownership costs.

N-RAY System Components

15" Bass Extension with SC Technology for N-RAY

SCN-F is a 15" sensor controlled low frequency extension system operating from 35-200 Hz


High Output Dual 18” Subwoofer with SC Technology

Dual 18” extreme high excursion woofers, Integrated velocity sensor measures the voice coil movement


Compact 4-Channel Rack

1x LINUS14D amplifier in a 3U case


4 Channel DSP Amplifier with Loudspeaker Management

Integrated DSP, network, comparator and amplifier solution, 4x 3500 W @ 4 Ω